Math the Numbers

by Sean M.

animation by Alissa P. & Steven R.

web design by Alissa P.

Math Olympiads have been going on for 21 years. In the United States, over 3,600 teams participated in the Math Olympiads this year, which is about 87,000 students! And still there are more! In 14 other countries, a total of about 1,300 teams and about 30,000 students participated.This year 81,255 students participated in Division E, which is for elementary schools like Guggenheim. In Division M (for middle schools) 6,532 students did. A team has up to thirty-five students on it. At Guggenheim, 190 students participated!

If you are wondering about the system of patches and pins that students who participate get, this is how it goes. The top 2% get a Gold Pin, the next 8% get Silver Pins, and the top 50% get felt badges.

“They are fun and sometimes easy, sometimes hard,” says Peter Gs. “Math Olympiads are challenging,” says Jennifer K. “They were fun. Some of them did not give that much information, but that’s how they’re supposed to be." " I think it went well,” said Ariel M. “They’re sometimes fun and sometimes hard,” says Dan H.

Math Olympiads sure are cool!

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