What Magazines Do YOU Like?

by Allison R.

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He's trying a new magazine, will you?

Younger Kids Do you get any magazines at your house? Following are some magazines for kids. A lot of people have heard of Cricket, Ranger Rick, Highlights, and Zoobooks. But have you ever heard of Odyssey, Cobblestone, Zillions, Click, Muse, and Dig? There are lots of others, too! Here are some of the magazines that this reporter thinks you might like and which grade levels they are good for:

Ranger Rick: 1st-3rd. All different articles about different animals, and great pictures that the little ones will like to look at.

Click: K-1st. A parent/child magazine. A good one for kids who can't read that much yet.

Zoobooks: K-3rd. Has great articles and great pictures, too! The little kids can just look at the pictures or read it with a parent.

Ladybug: K-2nd. A nice magazine for the younger ones. Can read with a parent, too.

Middle Grades

Dolphin Log: 2nd-5th. Learn lots of fascinating facts about dolphins and read stories about them.

Highlights: 1st-4th. A fun magazine. Has stories, jokes, games, and more!

Zillions: 2nd-5th. A great magazine. Published by Consumer Reports but for kids. Kids test things and see if they live up to their advertisements!

Older Kids

National Geographic World: 3rd-5th. A nice magazine with facts from all over the place. Lots of great information on different topics.

Odyssey: 3rd-5th. A science magazine that has a bunch of different articles that connect with science.

Cricket: 4th-5(th. A literature magazine. It has lots of different stories. Some of these stories appear on the ELA test!

Cobblestone: 4th-5th. A history magazine with a handful of stories connecting to the past. If you like history, this is for you!

Muse: 3rd-5th. A funny magazine that has jokes, stories, and great articles. Also has little characters that make jokes on every page.

Dig: 3rd-5th. An archaeology magazine that has articles on lots of different things besides archaeology!

If you want to read a magazine, above is a list of good ones. You might learn new things that you never ever thought of! Also, did you know that our library is thinking of putting magazines in the lunchroom? So when you're done eating, you can take a magazine and read! Do you think you'll like that? Give a new magazine a try!

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