To Eat, Or Not To Eat...

by Michaella S.

web design by Ricki S. and Alissa P.

digital images by Rachel B.


 Mrs. Augustino has been serving lunch at Guggenheim

since the day the school first opened in 1962!

Have you noticed the food prices have gone up? Have you noticed that the food portion is a little smaller? Are you still hungry after lunch? "The menu has always been the same," says Mrs. Augustino. The food prices have gone up and the portions are a little bit smaller. The prices went from popcorn being 55 cents and now they are 60 cents but the large cookies are the same 55 cents. The small cookies are still 25 cents and the pretzels are the same 10 cent price. This year there is a new snack item, lemonade, for 55 cents.

Do you want to have a variety of food? That’s the question; what’s the answer? Mrs. Augustino always says,"Go back and take your dessert." She is right in a way because dessert is usually a fruit and makes your meal balanced. If we have macaroni and cheese, we will not have a balanced meal if we don’t take from the fruit group. (Not that I eat a balanced meal every day. ) But if we get sick from not eating a balanced meal, Mrs. Augustino and the other lunch people will be blamed. So, they are trying to protect themselves and us!

Mrs. Augustino says that we should always take lunch first and then take our snack because they don’t know if we eat our snack or lunch first. "Lunch is more important than snack," says Mrs. Augustino. I think the lunch food is good sometimes but we would be willing to pay more if the food portions were bigger. So remember when the lunch ladies say go back and take your dessert, they are not trying to be mean- they are protecting you and themselves!

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