Charlie Brown is Alive!

by Erin B.

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Play rehearsals went on during school hours and before.


Do you think Charlie Brown is gone? Well, he is not! Mrs. Betsch’s and Mrs. Olsen’s classes are doing the play You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown. They were going to do the play because of the 50th anniversary of the comic strip, but after Charles Shultz died they decided to do the play as a celebration of his career. The performance is planned for May 11th and 12th. Mr. Feingold, Mrs. Betsch, and Mrs. Olsen decided the casting. “We need to have strong singers because of the many solos,” said Mrs. Betsch. Mrs. Field is the choreographer. A choreographer is the planner of different dance moves. Mrs. Dachowitz, a parent who is an actress, will be the drama coach. Dr. Schneider and Danielle S., fourth grader, are assistant directors.

The seven main actors and actresses are Katie M. as Lucy, Matt P. as Charlie Brown, Mary F. as the Little Red Haired Girl, Louise B. as Snoopy, Eric S. as Linus, Kerry-Lisbeth D. as Peppermint Patty, and David H. as Schroeder. There are many different colorful costumes in the play. Mrs. Betsch and Mrs. Olsen added some parts, because many people wanted speaking parts. They have added characters named Erin, Jane, Molly, and a few other names, too.

Here are some quotes from the stars: “It’s really cool and fun so far!” said Katie M. “It’s coming along pretty good,” said Janeen F. “It is really fun!” exclaimed Kayla I. “It is going well, but sometimes people don’t cooperate,” reported Danielle S. “I think it is going well and I’m really happy I am Charlie Brown,” replied Matt P. “It is going well and I like my part as Mary" said Alyssa H. “It is really fun and I enjoy my part as Sally,” exclaimed Rita C.

Mrs. Betsch, Mrs. Olsen, and Mr. Feingold had to sign a contract with the company that owns the rights to the play that said they could use the music and put on the play. The Port Washington School District had to pay $400 to rent the play from the Tams-Whitmark Company. When you rent a play the money paid is called the royalties. It has been hard for the students to rehearse for the play, since the second grade is having a play, the kindergarten is also having a play, and the Martha Graham Company is coming to our school. It is very busy on the cafetorium stage!

Everybody involved is excited about You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown and so is the audience!

Louise (Snoopy) is discussing her problems with Jeremy (Woodstock).

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