by Jennifer K.

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Can you guess what some of our Guggenheim fifth grade students do after school on Thursdays? They learn one of the following four different languages: Latin, Spanish, Italian and French. First they get a snack, then they get started. It’s fun and educational! They play fun games! Here is how they learned to say hello in all these different languages: (Spanish) hola, (French) bonjour, (Italian) ciao, and (Latin) salve. They also learn counting and small words in French, and in Latin they learn Roman history. They get to choose a name that they want to be called in the other language. After learning, the bus takes the students home so someone doesn’t have to come and pick them up. This reporter would like to give a big thanks to the students who helped her get this information since she herself doesn’t participate. They are Amanda S., Rachel B., and Sean M. Sounds like they and the other fifth graders are participating in a very exciting, new after-school program.

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