by Aaron S. and Allison R.

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Kids love summer vacation and they wish it could last forever. Luckily for Mrs. Kratenstein, Mrs. Sutarno, and Dr. Schneider, it will. When our vacation is over, their permanent vacation is just beginning!

 Mrs. Sutarno is retiring! She found pleasure in teaching, but she wants to do other things. She went to school in Port Washington and her greatest pleasure while she was teaching is working with her classes and seeing their accomplishments. She is going to miss the children and teachers that she has worked with for so long. This reporter is sure that the teachers and the children will miss her as well. She is unsure where she is retiring to, but she says it will be somewhere in the country.

Mrs. Kratenstein too! She wants to be able to spend more time with her family, travel, and explore new things. She plans to travel to Europe, try to exercise more and maybe tutor kids - she just can’t stay away from them! One thing she’s sure of is that she is not going to set her alarm clock to 6:30 anymore! In her years of teaching, she liked seeing all the different ways children learn things, read poems they wrote, seeing how they grow from September to June, and working with the wonderful people - teachers, parents, etc. She didn’t like to do all the work she had to do to plan to be a good teacher. Her opinion of retirement is that it is bittersweet - she wants to stay but she wants to go.

Dr. Schneider is retiring, too - for the second time! He has been volunteering his time at Guggenheim for nine years. He's been in lots of classes, and helped both teachers and students a lot. He spent 49 years in education - wow!

 We're all going to miss these great teachers, but we wish them lots of happiness in their retirement vacation. Bye!

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