Fabulous 5th Fun!!

by Emily N. and Peter G.

photo by Peter G. and Ms. Minsky

web design by Alissa P.


Good-bye to the fifth graders! Soon they will be going to Weber, but first they will go on lots of fun field trips and have parties.

On April 10, the 5th graders went on a trip to Caumsett State Park. It was an outdoor education trip. Outdoor education has been around since 1976. There are also environmental education classes. Unexplored worlds of forests and ponds are constantly formed. Many historic buildings, such as a huge mansion, remain. It sure was a great trip!

In the end of May, the fifth graders will meet other fifth graders from the other elementary schools like Sousa and Daly. They will be playing sports and getting to know them, since they will be going to the same school next year. All of the fifth graders will also get a tour of Weber. It’s HUGE!!!

Every year, the fifth graders go to another state in June. Where are this year’s fifth graders going? Philadelphia, on June 8! They will be coming back to Guggenheim really late and will get picked up by their parents.

On June 21, we will have a Moving Up Ceremony for the fifth graders. The band will play a special song for the fifth graders. They will also have a party to celebrate their graduation. Parents will come to the party to help with the food, to help decorate, and to be chaperones.

We are sure that the fifth graders will have fun at the party and do well next year in Weber. Say your last good-byes and wish them good luck!

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