Trip Around the World

by Jennifer K.

Graphic by Nick P.

web design by Louise B. and Kerry D.

Wouldn’t you like to take a four month trip around the world? Well, guess what? Two of our retired teachers are on this wonderful trip! The teachers that are on it are... Ms. Sellers and Ms. Papaleo. They are sailing on the ship, Aegean. Their email to us gives some information about the ship. The email reports that the crew is very nice and most of them are from Greece and Russia.

Ms. Papaleo says, “the ship is not the Dreamward, but it is fine.” She also says, “ the other travelers are wonderful, upbeat and great travelers, each and every one of them.” Some of the interesting places they’re going to are: Peru, Easter Island, Sydney, Australia, Mombasa, Kenya, Israel, Greece, Egypt, Balboa, Panama Canal, Antarctica and Bali, Indonesia.

 During their trip they have been dancing, painting and talking to the other passengers. Ms. Sellers emailed the following, ”In order to go to and from Antarctica from South America, you have to go through a very narrow channel of water called the Drake Passage. Our trip through the Drake Passage was really very smooth on the way to Antarctica, but pretty nasty on the way back. Only a few of the passengers were okay. Both Ms. Papaleo and I were fine. We were wearing wrist bands that put pressure on spots of our arms to help us not be seasick. We are also taking special medicine that helps.” The email continues, ”Anyhow, Antarctica was so special! Imagine that I’ve now been on all seven continents of the world! It’s amazing! When we were on shore in Antarctica, there were thousands of chin strap and gentu penguins all around us. We were told not to go near them, but they came near us. I have so many pictures of them. Because Antarctica is protected by a special treaty signed by many of the countries of the world, we were not allowed to take a single thing from the land, not even a pebble. We were also warned not to drop anything or leave anything behind to pollute the environment.”

The email ends with: “This trip has become a real adventure. It’s not just a cruise vacation like some people have; it’s a real voyage like travelers of long ago had.”

It sounds like a great trip and this reporter would love to go on it!

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