Too Busy?

by Erin B.

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Are you too busy? Many kids have after-school activities: they go to the school’s clubs, or clubs off the school’s campus. Or, they do sports such as soccer, basketball, and softball. Kids that are too busy don’t have time to do their homework. They still have the homework and the teachers don’t usually shorten it for out of school activities. Even this reporter has lots to do and most days, the most time she has for homework is probably one hour.

Let’s see what other busy children say: “Yes, I am really busy and sometimes I hardly have time for homework,” said Angela M. “Most of the time I am very busy, and I don’t have time for my homework,” says Jackie Z. “I have to stay in sometimes to do my homework, said Amanda S. “I have too much to do," said Stephanie A. “I’m very, very, very busy,” said John F. “I have a lot of after school programs, and I have no time to do homework.” said Rebecca P.

So as you can see there are many busy kids. But the question still is, are YOU too busy?

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