Time To Go Home!

by Alison R.

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Digital Images by Rachel B.

The blue corridor is dismissed.

Do you like the new dismissal procedure? Some people do, some don’t. A paraprofessional, usually Mrs. Behrens, calls the buses in a special order. When you hear your bus, you leave the classroom and go right to it, instead of leaving with your class, and waiting for your bus. Mrs. Ajello, the head of the Discipline Committee, suggested the school try this new dismissal procedure because it would eliminate lots of noise and discipline problems. The school chose to do it. Here are some people’s opinions:

Cory M. says, “I don’t like the new dismissal procedure because I’m a walker, and walkers don’t get called at the beginning.” Sam R. says, “I like the new dismissal procedure because it reduces the amount of noise and confusion in the halls.” Katie H. says, “I like it because it’s more organized and kids aren’t running around.” Tim S. says, “I like it because you don’t have to walk all over with your classes, and I don’t like it because you don’t know when your bus will be called. If it’s called, and you’re not packed up, you might miss your bus.”

Mrs. Behrens, the voice of dismissal.

It seems like this is working for most of the people. Thank you, Mrs. Ajello and everyone for making this work!

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