Do You Feel the Read?

by Sean M.

web design by Ricki S.

graphic by Kayla I.

This year’s P.A.R.P. was a big success! We ended up reading 115,583 minutes! It would take a person 80 days, reading non-stop, to read that much! (Maryann V. of Mrs. Olsen’s class figured this out for us, so you should give the credit to her for giving us this amazing information.) This reporter went to our principal, Ms. Creash, for the inside story on P.A.R.P.

When asked why we have P.A.R.P., Ms. Creash said, ”We have P.A.R.P. so that parents and children can have fun reading together.” When asked what she thought the children liked most about P.A.R.P., Ms. Creash said, ”I think they liked seeing if they were going to beat the challenge.”

This reporter asked our principal why it was so important that parents read to their children and she said, “Studies show that reading to children helps make them better listeners and readers.” This reporter agrees that reading to kids is important because beyond making them better readers, it gives them a better vocabulary and opens doors to increased intelligence.

In summing up the meaning of P.A.R.P., this reporter would like to use a poem that just happens to be one of Ms. Creash’s favorites:

 The Reading Mother

by Strickland G.

 You may have tangible wealth untold

Caskets of jewels and coffers of gold

Richer than I, you can never be -

I had a Mother who read to me.

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