Opac is Here!

by Sean M.

graphic by Amanda J.


Finally, the Guggenheim Library is in the 21st century with its new computer system, the OPAC! OPAC stands for Online Public Access Catalog, and it’s about time we got a fancy-shmancy Y2K system like that! Think of it, no more waving your book card around waiting for a librarian to check it out. This reporter experienced first hand how quick and efficient this new system is. Thanks to the new system, you can see what books the library has from the computer in your classroom! When asked if the OPAC was better than the last system, Mrs. Livanos said, ”Yes. In the old system, you had to know the first word in the title but in the OPAC you can know any word in the title, and you can search better with Boolean operators.” When asked if the OPAC was quicker, Mrs. Livanos said, ”Yes, it takes much less time.” Mrs. Livanos says that the OPAC makes it easy to look for books and it allows more time to look for books because of the jiffy-quick take-out system. The library system is easy: just go on the computer, type in a word or words from the title, press SEARCH, and... BAM! All the books with that word or words come up on the screen!

 If you won’t take this reporter’s and the librarian’s word for it, maybe you’ll take your fellow student’s! Peter G. says that, “It’s much quicker.” Allison R. says,”It’s much easier.” Nick says,”It’s good.” Whoa, this reporter can’t wait for library! See you there!


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