Welcome, New Guggenheimers!

by Katherine H.

graphic by Aaron S.

web design by Louise B.


Hi there, newcomers! This year lots of new students have come to Guggenheim. Some of these new students share what they think about our school:

Kindergarten: Jacob L. likes the school and teachers a lot. What he likes most about Guggenheim is playing with building blocks at playtime. Jacob doesn’t like when the kids fight or when he gets teased. He was able to make friends easily and now has lots of them.

First grade: Conor H. misses his friends, but likes Guggenheim. He says that he loves the wooden playground.

Second grade: Oddly enough, there are no new students in second grade!

Third grade: This first student has chosen to remain anonymous - He likes Guggenheim. His favorite thing is when he gets to play with his friends. His opinion is that Guggenheim is free of faults. He misses his old friends.

Our second new third grader is Franco S. Franco misses his old friends but says that the best thing about Guggenheim is getting new friends.

Fourth grade: This student has chosen to remain anonymous. She doesn't like the school or the teachers. She wishes she was back in her old school. Her favorite teacher had been her old fourth grade teacher.

Most of these newcomers seem to be enjoying Guggenheim and making new friends. Hopefully, all of them will feel this way after a while.


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