Kindness + Justice = A Better World

By Katherine H.

digital image by Aaron S.

web design by Katie M.

Are you kind and just? Well, the children in Ms. Haworth’s class certainly are! Ever since Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, her class has been studying how to be nice and fair to other people. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a minister who fought against segregation and the kindness and justice activities are in his honor. Ms. Haworth’s class has a bulletin board in their classroom on which they keep track of the acts of kindness they do.

Hands up for Ms. Wagman's class!

Ms. Wagman’s class has also been studying acts of kindness. They have a bulletin board just outside their classroom. Each day they learned about consideration, service to their community, honesty, caring and compassion, truth, kindness, responsibility, non-violence, justice, respect, fairness, and moral courage. For every five acts of kindness each student did, they would put a paper hand on the bulletin board, with their acts written on the fingers. This reporter hopes that everyone in the world can be as good as Ms. Haworth’s and Ms. Wagman’s classes. Give it a try-you’ll feel better if you do!

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