Good Jumps!

Written by Angela

Digital Image by Peter G. & Mrs. Vogeley

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Everybody works together during the jump-a thon!

Every year we do a Jump-A-Thon. We do it to raise money for leukemia research because the daughter of the former principal, Mr. Lovett, died of leukemia when she was in her 30s. It is an important cause. Another Guggenheim family, the Safrans, had an aunt who also died of leukemia so we felt it was connected and a good cause to work for.

The Jump-A-Thon is when we jump rope in gym class for one minute. We go to people’s houses, but only people we know, and they sponsor us to see how many times we jump. The person who is sponsoring gives you money and you hand it to our gym teachers, Mrs. Vogeley and Mr. Makover, and they send it to the Leukemia Association.

Every year all the participants get T-shirts for taking part. This year we have very different shirts. Usually we have white and different color writing. This year they are blue with yellow writing.

Leukemia is a very bad disease that is life threatening. While jumping you are helping someone. So, jump to raise money that goes to saving someone’s life.

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