GuggenWeb Is Born!

By Erin B.

Digital Image by Rachel B.

Web Design by Ricki S.


Some of the GuggenWeb staff infrequent occurence!

Have you logged on to GuggenWeb lately? It’s part of the Guggenheim School website. Take a look at it. The address is: GuggenWeb has expanded! There have been so many children working on GuggenTimes and GuggenWeb at one time that Mrs. Mayer had to make a new club especially for the GuggenWeb staff. The new day is Tuesday. It is easier to have the computer kids come on their own day since there are so many. Now that there is more time for the web work that means we can put more articles, graphics, and puzzles on the web and have more time to finish them. We will be able to have movie and book reviews, animation, and each of the web staff will be able to have his/her OWN web page connected to the Guggenheim School web page! The web staff will also do the design for the web version of GuggenTimes. It will be a very busy club!

GuggenWeb will meet in the computer lab, since it has enough computers in one room. The website will get bigger and bigger the rest of the year. So as soon as you can, try to find the web site and compare what it is like now with what it will be soon. Check it often since new things will be put on it every week!

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