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How did Guggenheim School celebrate the year 2000? We did a lot, including celebrating with a BIG assembly on February 18, 2000!

Here are some kids putting their class items into the time capsule.

The Leadership Corps gave out polls for the students and teachers to vote on. The poll has questions about your top ten favorites of the millennium. It included favorite singers, songs, books, toys, foods, and much, much more. The teachers hope to haved the poll done by the end of last month. We hope everyone voted!

Another event is a bulletin board in the lobby saying, “Rocket to the Future.” Many of you have already participated in it. Students were asked to draw what they think they’ll look like in the future. Kids have been drawing themselves in the “Space Age,” as teenagers and parents.

The Leadership Corps are waiting for their turn in the spotlight, putting the huge chain together!

We also celebrated by creating a color coded chain. One chain was given to each grade. On the chain, students wrote about something they would like to do for the future. After this is complete, Leadership representatives from each class collected all of the chains and brought them up to the stage of the cafetorium to be connected into one big Guggenheim chain. That chain is now hanging in the lobby - take a look at it!

Some of the P.T.A. members lighting the candles on the special Rocket To The Future cake.

Guggenheim has done a lot to celebrate the year 2000. We have had a lot of fun and we hope you have, too!

Our special time capsule will be opened in 25 years. Everyone will be invited back to open it! How old will YOU be in 2025?


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