Read, Read, Read!

by Erin


Horrible Harry and the Magic Tree House series are great books for first and second graders and they’re full of adventure. The Magic Tree House is about two children, a girl and a boy. Their names are Jack and Annie. They are children who can see an invisible tree house owned by a Liberian from King Arthur’s time named Morgan. Morgan goes through time collecting books from all over the world and she goes through space collecting books, too. Jack and Annie go through time and they solve riddles for Morgan, since she is under a spell. All the children have to do is say, “Take us there,” and point to the picture in the book and the tree house takes them there. They also collect books and save books for Morgan.

Horrible Harry is about a boy who always does mean things to other children. Fortunately, he still has one friend. They are many books in the series and all of them are great. There are also very funny. Most of the books take place at school, but others take place at home.

This reviewer would recommend both of these series of books to primary children or anyone else!


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