What’s Next for Harry Potter?

by Allie

graphic by Janeen


Are you one of the few people who haven’t heard of Harry Potter? This is your chance to find out about this VERY popular series. Harry Potter books are interesting books for kids in the upper grades. They’re books about witches, wizards, and magic. The stories tell how Harry’s parents were killed by one of the evil wizards named Lord Voldermort. Harry had to move to his aunt’s, uncle’s, and cousin’s house. They weren’t very nice to Harry. He was always left at home when the family did something. Many of his adventures start at the Hogwarts Witching School which he attends.

Ms. Mulqueen's class listens to "Harry" books

I asked some people two questions. Question one was, “What do you think will be next for Harry Potter?” and question two was, “How did you like J.K. Rowling’s past three books?”. Allison said, “I don’t know . Harry Potter is full of surprises.” And “Great! They’re the best books I’ve ever read.” Emily said, “I think that a lot more exciting things will happen.” And “I thought that J.K. Rowlings’ past three books were very interesting. They’re adventure books. They’re very good.” Alissa said, “I think he’ll see Lord Voldermort again.” She also said, “I liked them a lot and I like how she makes you want to keep reading them.” Katie said, “I’ve heard that someone will die and I’m very anxious to find out who.” “I thought the books were really great.” Ms. Mulqueen said, “I’m sure he’ll continue his adventures in another book.” She added, “I read the first two books and really enjoyed them. Fantasy allows you to escape into a world of impossibilities that excites us and stimulates our imaginations.” Now, what do YOU think will be next for Harry?

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