Music, Music Everywhere

by Elizabeth B.

 Do you like music? Did you ever think about how Guggenheim’s music teachers feel about teaching music? This reporter asked the three music teachers: Mr. Feingold, Mrs. Wresch, and Mrs. Field some questions about teaching music.

The questions to Mr. Feingold were: Do you like teaching band? He said, "Yes, I love it." His answer to whether he likes how the music sounds after he teaches it was, “I think it sounds GREAT!!”

Mrs. Wresch was asked, “Do you like teaching regular music classes? She answered, “I enjoy it very much. Her answer to “Do you like how the music sounds after or before you teach it?” was “I like how it sounds while I’m teaching it.”

Mrs. Field was asked, “What is your favorite string instrument?” She said, “I enjoy playing the viola or the violin in symphony orchestras.” When asked “Do you like playing those instruments the most?” she replied, “I enjoy teaching all the string instruments. It is very rewarding to work with children who love making music with their instruments. I think I have the best job in the world!”

At Guggenheim, we think we have the best music teachers in the world!

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