Guggenheim 2000

by Aaron S.


Guggenheim 2000 was started last March by a committee of teachers. Now it's becoming a big event throughout the school. Everyone is involved, including the teachers, the parents, and the students. The teachers and parents have arranged a number of concerts and activities. The teachers have put up a timeline and we have seen two FABULOUS concerts. We also formed into a 2000 for an aerial photo.

The timeline is a red ribbon that is marked with certain dates. The students can put up events that happened in the past. It has dates from the years 1 to 2000. The aerial photo has been put up in the office, and we are sure to see more concerts. The other things the teachers have planned are sure to be better than the things that have already happened. So, although the millennium hasn't started yet, its sure getting people to talk. So, be ready for the future, Guggenheimers, because its coming on fast!

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