Field Trip Roundup

by Aaron S.

 Class trips are exciting, fun and educational. A lot of school outings relate to topics that students study in their classrooms. Some trips help us get an understanding of our town, our region, our state, and ourselves.

So far this year the fourth grade students have enjoyed a class trip to The Whaling Museum in Cold Spring Harbor. Soon kindergarten classes will be enjoying a trip to Hofstra University to see the Paperbag Players. First grade classes will be visiting a pumpkin farm in Queens. They probably hope they get to carve the ones they pick. Third grade classes will visit the Theodore Roosevelt Beach Sanctuary at Oyster Bay. They will even wade and fish a little.

Fourth grade classes will be touring New York City on the Circle Line tour boat. The fifth grade classes will be seeing some BEAUTIFUL artwork at the Nassau County Art Museum.

This reporter hopes everyone enjoys their grade’s class trips, and learns a lot about the world around them.

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