Favorite Pets

by Jennifer K.

graphic by Nick P.

I did a pet survey to find out what kind of pets were the favorites at Guggenheim School. In all the classes that I gave the survey to, the total number of people who responded was 147. The pets that were listed as the most frequent favorites were dogs in first place, then cats, and then puppies. I was surprised that even more people didn’t choose dogs and cats than did. There were some pretty unusual pets put on the survey, like a chinchilla, a spider, and a scorpion!

I interviewed children in the following classes: Ms. Castillo, Mrs. Grennan, Mr. Sficos, Mrs. O’Donnell, Mrs. Sutarno, Ms. Minsky, Mr. Martin, and Mr. McCormack. From Ms. Castillo’s class I got 20 responses; from Mrs. Grennan’s class 18 responses; from Mr. Sficos’ class 20 responses; from Mrs. O’Donnell’s class 21 responses; Mrs. Sutarno’s class sent in 17 responses; Ms. Minsky’s class gave 20 responses; from Mr. Martin’s there were 16 responses, and Mr. McCormack’s class gave me 17 responses. Thank you to all those who responded to the pet survey.

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