by Angela M.

graphics by Rachel B.


During the summer, Guggenheim underwent a lot of changes, like the new classroom and the playground blacktop. The blacktop was resurfaced and expanded so now we have two new kickball fields, but not everybody likes these changes. The new classroom is now where the old nurse’s office was and now, the nurse’s office is right next to the main office. Not everybody likes that either.

The kickball field is much bigger than last year’s, but not everybody thinks that is a good thing. Some people think the mound is too close to home plate. Others think the bases are too close together. Mike and Sean think that the blacktop last year was so much better than this year’s. The blacktop this year has a soccer field and two kick ball fields. It is great for Capture the Flag because it is wide and long. The blacktop is great for soccer too, because it is so smooth and there are already lines for the goals. Then all you need is a soccer ball so you can play soccer. As you can see, there are good and bad points to the new playground blacktop. Sydney and Evan do like the blacktop. They said it is a lot better then last year’s.

The nurse’s office has been moved this year. Some people think it is horrible, small and hard to find things. Some people think it should be where the old nurse’s office was. Others think that the new classroom should be where the new nurse’s office is, but most of the people like where they both are located.

Those are the two changes at Guggenheim School this year. What do YOU think of them?

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