The New 8:30 Start

by the Editorial Staff

 Sleep lovers all over Port Washington awoke to a shock on September 8, 1999 - school started at 8:30! The School District did this so kids would have more time with their teachers. This editor asked a few people if they like or don’t like this. Sarah said, “I don’t like it because I have to wake up earlier.” Emily doesn't mind the change because her bus comes at the same time as last year. Allie said, “I wouldn’t mind it if I was a late busser, but since I’m an early busser, I’m not crazy about it.” Ms. Mulqueen feels it's an adjustment that will benefit us all. Ms. Creash said, “I’m using the snooze alarm these days.” This editor feels that it was a good idea to start us earlier. Unfortunately, because she finds it hard to get out of bed in the morning, she still wakes up at the same time, and rushes like crazy to make it to school on time. What do YOU think about the new school starting time?

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