Guggenheim, THE WEBSITE
by Daniella M.

Guggenheim School started out with a paper newspaper two years ago. Last year we added the web version of GuggenTimes. Now we’re even more. The Guggenheim School has a whole WEBSITE for itself! It was created and will be maintained by the web staff of GuggenTimes. The website consists of a principal’s page, monthly events going on in our school, pictures of the school staff and teachers, clubs information, school history, puzzles, web pages the rest of the school has made, and, of course, GuggenTimes.

To make the website a success, the web staff had to take their time and work extra carefully. They had to go through many steps to complete a real website that could go on the web and that people could enjoy.

The idea for putting GuggenTimes on the web came from Philip F. He suggested having a web version of the newspaper and our school, so not only children in Guggenheim could read it, but also people who were having fun on the web. The idea was turned into reality, with the help of Mrs. Mayer, Mr. Steinberger, Ms. McLean, Mrs. Tiberia, and the web staff. Finally, it was finished. Guggenheim was the first elementary school in our school district that had a website created by kids.

We all know the website is a success. Here are some opinions of children at Guggenheim. Matt L., a fifth grader from Ms. Minsky’s class said, “I think it is a great website.” Erin J., a fifth grader replied, “I think the website is a huge success.” This reporter thinks we can ALL agree that Guggenheim’s website is GREAT and we are very proud of it!

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