One Step Up For GuggenTimes
by Claire T.

The GuggenTimes newspaper staff is getting a real newspaper experience at Kristen M.’s mother’s printing shop. The whole group will have the chance to see the Mutual Engraving Company and how the printing company works. On May 27, our staff saw 110 workers, computers that make the designs, and printing plates that are placed into presses which print the actual paper. They do lots of work from their website. You can visit it at:

These machines make things such as newspapers, business cards, stationery, and envelopes.The tour the newspaper staff took included seeing how a real printing shop works and seeing how the workers printed seven issues of GuggenTimes in the past three years. Staff members had the true experience of seeing a printing place before they move on to middle school and maybe write for the newspaper there. Before the trip, Emily S. said, “I am really excited and can`t wait to go. It`s a great opportunity.” After the trip, Greg B., said, "It was a lot of fun. I learned how much time the engraving process takes, especially with colors."

The current print issue of GuggenTimes now has a new look that is just like a real newspaper. It is on newsprint and is on tabloid size paper.

GuggenTimes keeps changing every year. We’re ready for even more changes in future issues- are you?

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