by Eileen O.

TGIF is an expression that means, “Thank Goodness It’s Friday.” This expression is used by people whose work week is over and the weekend is beginning. But the name “TGIF” is also a series of shows for kids on ABC. This series has four shows on it, running from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm. They include, Two of a Kind, Boy meets World, Sabrina-The Teenage Witch, and Brothers Keeper.

Two of a Kind, which is on at 8:00, stars the Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley. They play twins (that’s not too hard!) whose mother died and they’re living with their father who is a professor. They advertise for a babysitter, and a college student, Kerri, (who is in their father’s class) shows up. In the later episodes, Kerri lives in the basement of their San Francisco house. The show is about Mary-Kate’s and Ashley’s problems and the adventures they get into.

On at 8:30 is Boy Meets World. It’s about the Matthew Family with two sons, a daughter, a dad, and the mom who recently had a baby. The second child, Cory Matthews, goes to a local college called Pennbrook and has had a girlfriend named Topanga since they were young. He’s been best friends with Sean, whose dad is dead and mom is gone, even longer. Cory’s older brother, Eric, provides the humor of the show. He goes to the same college and recently moved out of a dorm with Sean’s half-brother, Jack, and a girl named Rachel. Cory and Eric’s old teacher, Mr. Feeney, is the wise one on the show who always seems to help them with their problems. He lives next door to the Matthews Family and has been recently teaching at Pennbrook. The main idea of the show is to see all of their lives, whether they’re enjoying themselves or making difficult discisions.

Next is Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, which is on at 9:00. It’s about a teenage girl who finds out she’s a witch. She has two aunts, Helda and Zelda, that live with her, and a talking cat named Salem. She has a boyfriend, Harvey, and is insulted by the school snob, Libby. Since Sabrina’s a witch, she has to find out the family secret from relatives who are constantly visiting. But what happens on the show is that Sabrina has lots of problems that she tries to fix with her magic powers, but winds up getting in trouble...

Finally, TGIF ends with Brothers Keeper, which is obviously on at 9:30. On that show, a professional football player, Bobby Wayne, who is really very childish and doesn’t care much about anything, moves in with his brother and nephew unexpectedly when he doesn’t have a place to live. The brother, Porter Wayne, has a son, Oscar, and his wife is dead. They live in San Francisco where Bobby stays in the basement. Bobby has an agent, Dina, who gets fed up with Bobby all the time since he’s so lazy and childish. The show’s humor comes from the way Bobby acts and the comments Dina makes.

So now you know what all the shows are about and what they’re like. Be sure to check them out every Friday at 8:00 p.m. on ABC!

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