The Spring Concert

by Emily M.

photo by Chesleigh G.

The Spring Concert will be held on two days, Tuesday May 25th, and Wednesday, May 26th. Mr. Feingold says, ”I think it will be a great concert and I’m looking forward to it.” He also pointed out that there are thirty new band members. Mrs. Wresch says, ”We had a fantastic Winter Concert so I believe we will have a great Spring Concert as well.” She added, “We hope to have a combined number called Ode To Peace, with a melody by Beethoven performed by the members of the band and orchestra with the chorus. I always look forward to the Spring Concert because of the evening show.”

The fourth grade chorus will be singing I Believe I Could Fly from Space Jam, Don Gato, and America My Home. The fifth grade chorus’ songs are Hope And Freedom, a sort of gospel song, Ode To Peace from Beethoven’s 9th and final symphony, and When you Believe from the Prince Of Egypt. The band will be playing four numbers which are Root Beer Rag, Dry Bone and two other numbers.The orchestra will be performing Hunters Chorus, Canon, and Shaker Hymn.

This reporter spoke with Daniella M., a fifth grader in Ms. Minsky’s class. She says her favorite song in chorus is When You Believe. Most of the other fifth graders agree with her.

We know the concert will be great, as always. Hope to see you there!

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