Family Science Night

by Erin J.

photos by Erin J.

Thank you to Ms. Creash, the teachers at Guggenheim, our fabulous P.T.A., and a special thanks to Mrs. Olsen and Mrs. Courage for organizing the first ever Family Science Night. We had 284 scientists and their parents at our science night.!

As you walked in, you were greeted by two guests, a hawk and an owl. Then some P.T.A. workers handed you your folder filled with information such as: a school map, various flyers, a Family Science Night evaluation, four brochures on fun places to learn science in cool ways, a mad science workbook so you can do experiments at home, a pin designed by Jana L. and her Mom, and last, but not least, a passport.

You got to choose three courses you would like to attend, and you would attend two of the ones you wanted. There were thirty-three different courses from which to choose. They were: Bernoulli’s Effect, Cellmates, Color And Graphics, Colorful Magic, Eat Me, Egg States, Electric Light Bulb Challenge, Emulsions, Explore Planet Guggenheim, Eyes of the World, In the Stars, Kaleidoscopes, Lava lights, London Bridges, Magic of Magnets, Mini Flying Machines, Move it, Music, Nuclear Energy, Oobleck, Pressure & Gas, Rocket Science, Shock Me, Star Lab, Who Am I, and Worm Dissection. They all were filled with challenge and fun.

“I think it was really fun, it’s a good learning experience, and the experiments were just great,” said Daniella M. “The worms were disgusting, but fun at the same time,” said Eileen O. "The Lava Lamps were cool to look at,” said Brendan J.

Fortunately, with our workbook we can do extra experiments at home. Some of the most popular experiments that you might want to try out are the Lava Lights, Rocket Scientists, and Oobleck.

Some people are asking what to do with the little green passport that was in your folder. Well, you fill it out about the two courses you took at Family Science Night. Then you will have extra pages. Now you can use the brochures to go to science related places, and fill a page up about that experience. Then when the whole book is filled, Ms. Creash will sign it and you will get a prize!!!!

Everyone had fun at Family Science Night. It was a great turn out of participants and Mrs. Olsen hopes to do it again next year. This reporter thanks everyone who helped out, for without them there wouldn’t have been such an excellent event.

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