Thanks, P.T.A.

by Erin B.

photo by Jordan C.

What comes to mind when we mention good deeds? Brownies or Girl Scouts? The P.T.A comes to MY mind as the school’s doer of good deeds. A lot of the money the school has was raised by the P.T.A. It has had bake sales, the carnival, and has sold Guggenheim shirts and wrapping paper. The P.T.A. gives us the money to have GuggenTimes printed so that every student and teacher and staff member can have a copy of each issue.

The presidents of the P.T.A. this year are Mrs. Lamberti and Mrs.Quirk. Mrs. Lamberti has been president of the P.T.A for almost a year. Mrs. Quirk has been president for almost two years. You may have seen them at many of the fundraisers. They have planned a lot of activities that were very exciting. They have been very helpful to the school. Many other parents work very hard for the P.T.A., too, and we thank them all.

Everywhere we go, the P.T.A is there and helping us. We should thank them for everything they have done for Guggenheim School. Our school is the best, and a big part of it is because of the work of the P.T.A. Three cheers! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!

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