Fifth Grade Memories

by Erin J.

graphic by Kristen M.

Some of us in fifth grade have been at Guggenheim since the beginning of kindergarten. As we went to school here, memories began to form. For kindergarten, we had five teachers, since we are a large group. There are about one hundred of us. We had Mrs. O’Donnell, Mrs. Ajello, Mrs. Werter, Ms. Mancini, and Mrs. Rosado. Out of the five teachers we once had, only three of them remain working at Guggenheim.

Emily, Erica, and Bryant enjoyed making different puppets for the different letters of the alphabet. In kindergarten the puppets helped us to learn our letters by having an animal with the letter we were studying at that time. For example, for the letter S, there would be Suzy Seal. Another big hit in kindergarten was the annual play. We did Free to be You and Me. There were chefs, firefighters, doctors, nurses, weather forecasters, teachers, dancers, and more.

In first grade we again had five teachers. We used our puppet-making experience to put the letters into words. We would then take the new words we learned how to spell and make them into a story. The story could be on any topic from Africa to zebras.

Another favorite in that grade was show and tell. We could bring in anything except guns and show our artifacts to the class. Then you would tell about your artifact. After you told a little bit about your treasure, and showed it, most of the time people would have questions. For example, if you were to bring in a shoe, you would show it, then you could say something like, “All my favorite athletes wear a shoe.” Some people could have questions like, “Does Michael Jordan wear a shoe?”

Now we were in second grade. We had five teachers again. Second grade was full of excitement and fun. In second grade we took our first big test, and it got us all excited.

Third grade- most of my peers loved this grade more than any other! Between the teachers we had, and math we learned, why wouldn’t you like this grade? Well, this reporter loved getting our first report cards and learning our times tables. “I think I had a wonderful time because it was fun. It was a fun grade,” said Daniella M. I think that we all will agree with Daniella.

In fourth grade we learned a number of things. One was how to use the computer, a skill that is very important. Also, we had many clubs. Our own Kelly M. was elected Vice President of Leadership. We were allowed to join newspaper, art club, and chess club.

Now we are in fifth grade. To our surprise, when we came to school this year, we only had four teachers! A new after school club opened for fifth graders. It’s called Recreation, run by Mr. Makover. We are excited about our 5th grade party and getting our yearbooks. In Leadership this year, Bryant R. was elected President. The fifth grade PEP core group studied about and went to the stock market and competed in the mock trial!

I have just reviewed grades one to five. Each one was special and holds memories in its own way. With the help of our classroom teachers, special teachers, Ms. Creash, and our secretaries, all help make Guggenheim the best school we could ever want to go to!


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