Don’t Be Scared of Jekyll & Hyde

by Henry K.

graphic by Katie H.

If you want to eat at a great and scary restaurant, go to Jekyll & Hyde in New York City. There’s great food and some entertainment. You might want to watch out for the French Maid and doctors. The doctors are brain surgeons and they like to take your brains as souvenirs...

There’s people, more like freaks, walking around scaring you. There’s a show at the beginning before you eat and in the middle while you eat. At the beginning the show is like an illusion. You walk into a room and there’s talking. Then if you look at the ceiling it looks like it’s closing in on you. While it’s closing in on you, something really scary happens, but I can’t tell you, it’s a surprise! In the middle Dr. Frankenstein makes his monster and he goes crazy and shoots a big laser gun at his monster. Always, while you’re eating, people get dressed up like doctors and start touching your head and measuring it. So, there’s always entertainment.

In the restaurant, there are five floors: The Grand Salon, The Library, The Laboratory, The Mausoleum, and The Observatory. This reporter has been in the Library and the Laboratory, and he really liked the Library. If you want to go to the bathroom in the Library, you would have to find the trap door. The whole place had what looks like shelves of books. I only found the door because I thought some guy was stupidly walking into a wall, but he opened a secret door in the wall of books, and there was the bathroom!

Why did they call it Jekyll & Hyde? They called it Jekyll & Hyde because Dr. Henry Jekyll founded this club. He and his compatriots filled the club with artifacts and trophies from their adventures. The club soon became a social meeting place for explorers, biologists, philosophers, and other daring people to meet and try to understand the darker nature that lurks within us all.

This reporter went to the Jekyll and Hyde Restaurant and loved it. It has great food, great entertainment, and it's a great place to try to stay alive! If you dare, go to the restaurant, but beware...anything can happen there!


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