Magic Harry!

by Matt L. & Emily S.

photo by Matt L.

Have you ever read the book Harry Potter? Well, it’s hitting it big here in America. A lot of kids are reading it. In our opinion, it’s the best book that we ever read. Harry Potter is a wonderful fiction book. The author of the book, J.K. Rowling, is an unbelievable writer. We think that she is even better than Roald Dahl. The way that she writes makes you feel like you’re actually there. When you read the book you think that you’re Harry Potter.

Harry Potter is about a young boy whose parents die and he lives with his nasty uncle, aunt, and cousin. The aunt and uncle terrorize Harry and are nice to their son, Harry’s cousin. Weird things keep happening to him and one of those is that he keeps getting letters. He gets about one hundred letters a day. His uncle and aunt don’t want him to get the letters. The letters say something very important about Harry. If you want to know what happens, read the book. The part that you just read about is just the beginning and it gets A LOT better!

Here are a few quotes from people who read the book. Erin B., fourth grade, says, “It was just, like... cool!” Rachel B., fourth grade, says, “I liked the book because it was interesting.” Andrew H., fifth grade, says, “It’s one of the best books that I ever read.” Andrew, we agree!

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