Fifth Grade Festivities
by Samantha F.

graphic by Emily S.

The fifth graders are leaving Guggenheim for good! The next school that they are going to go to is the BIG Middle School...Weber. In order for these fifth graders to have some fun before they leave they are going to have some special events. One of them is at Weber, and it is called Fifth Grade Fun Day. The other, which is the BIGGEST event is the Fifth Grade Party. In addition, there are big field trips.

The Fifth Grade Party is going to be held June 23, 1999, in the gym. The theme for the party is going to be “Club Guggi.” There is going to be a D.J., food table, and more.

Fifth Grade Fun Day is going to be held a few days before school is over. As was said before, it is going to be at Weber. There are going to be games played outside.

We went to the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey on a coach bus. We got to watch movies on the way there and the way back. There were two coach buses- on one of them was Ms. Minsky’s class and Ms. Murphy’s class. On the other one was Mr. Sficos’ class and Mr. McCormack’s class. This trip was a lot of fun but also it was an extra treat. This trip was to see if we could handle going to Boston for two days. It turns out that we are going! Before we go to Boston though we are going to Connecticut to see the The Mimi, a boat.

In June, we are going to Boston. We are going to stay in a hotel and go to lots of different places.

The fifth graders are eager to go to Boston, Fifth Grade Fun Day, and the party. They are really enjoying their last year at Guggenheim!


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