Blue’s Clues

by Stephanie A.

graphic by Sarah K.


Blue’s Clues is a preschool TV show that teaches abc’s, 123’s, and other school subjects. On Nickolodeon, they put on the same Blue’s Clues for six days so kids can learn better. Blue’s Clues is enjoyable for kids with friendly characters such as Steve, Mail Box, Tick a De Tock, Blue, Magenta, Slippery Soap, Chalk People, Felt People, Pail and Shovel, Mr.Salt and Mrs.Pepper, and Paprika and much more! Each episode has something new to learn. Children of all ages love Blue and her friends.

The riddle or question of the day is to be solved by using three clues that the children discover during the show. Blue’s paw print shows the children where the clues are. Steve (the host) uses a notebook to teach young children to write down or draw the clues that they will use to eventually solve the riddle of the day. The show uses a lot of shapes and colors. Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper have a baby daughter whose name is Paprika. Paprika is the name of a spice that you put on food (just like salt and pepper).

Blue is a cute, playful, and lovable animal. Everybody loves her. I am sure glad that Blue’s Clues is around because I've had enough of Barney! I hope you will watch Blue’s Clues because it’s a nice preschool show!

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