AlphaSmarts Are Here!


by Katie H.

photo by Jim P.


They’re here! AlphaSmarts are here! Five years ago, Mr. Steinberger, Port Washington’s Director of Technology, (though he wasn’t in Port Washington then) was at a meeting with a colleague. His colleague showed him an AlphaSmart. Mr. Steinberger liked what he saw, and now here they are in all the elementary schools in Port Washington! You can find 12 AlphaSmarts in each building in our school district. “AlphaSmarts,” said Mr. Steinberger, “are lightweight, durable, portable keyboards with a small LCD screen.”

How to use an AlphaSmart is very easy. You first have to sign out an AlphaSmart from Mrs. Tiberia at the computer lab. You might have to reserve it for a couple of days if there aren't any left. Then, you sign in on a special sheet of paper. Next, take it home. You can write up to about 64 pages which can then be downloaded to a computer. The next day you have to take it back to the computer room and sign it in if you want to use it again. If you had to reserve it the first time, then you cannot take it home again without reserving it for the second time, unless nobody else is reserving it.

“I wish there were more AlphaSmarts in this school,” said Mrs. Tiberia. “I think they’re great to use,” said Kathryn P., “and it’s especially good for people who don’t own computers.” So, if you don’t have a computer or you want to download something to the computer lab or to your classroom computer, try AlphaSmarts! If you want to know more information about AlphaSmarts, visit their web site.


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