Bon Voyage!

by Sean M., Daniella M., and Claire T.

photos by Sarah N., Jordan C., & Mrs. O'Donnell

When you return to school in September, after summer vacation, take notice. Something will be different. Something will be missing. You might be looking for some familiar faces that are not there anymore. There are some staff members who are retiring from Guggenheim. And it’s too bad for us because we’re sure going to miss them. One of these reporters knows first hand as one of the retirees happens to be his teacher, Miss Sellers. Mrs. Mittelstaedt, Mrs. Rosenwald, and Mrs. McCabe also will be retiring this year.

These reporters talked with Miss Sellers about her thoughts and plans. “I am looking forward to it but it will feel strange on the first day of school because I’m always here,” was what Miss Sellers said when asked how she felt about leaving. Miss Sellers plans to move to Hawaii when she retires. When asked why she decided to go to Hawaii she said, “I fell in love with it when I visited it in 1988.”

Although Miss Sellers says she may get involved with teaching in Hawaii, she really wants to open her own business. If you don`t know already, Miss Sellers has been teaching in the Guggenheim School for thirty years. Miss Sellers thinks the biggest change in Guggenheim since she started is the new administration. Her best memory of Guggenheim is when her class celebrated the Bicentennial of the U.S. in 1976. Her class took a trip to Philadelphia, made many arts and crafts, dressed up in costumes, and more. When asked how she felt about leaving, she said, “It will make me sad to leave after 30 years, but I’ll visit.”

In 1980, Mrs. Mittelstaedt became the nurse of the Guggenheim School. Twenty years later, she decided to retire. Mrs. Mittelstaedt said that one reason that she is retiring is because she wants to spend more time with her grandaughter. She has enjoyed working with the children in Guggenheim, and especially teaching the fifth graders about the respiratory system. Although Mrs. Mittelstaedt is excited about her retirement, she enjoyed working in Guggenheim very much.

Mrs. McCabe, a first grade teacher in Guggenheim, is retiring after thirty wonderful years of teaching. She spent several years working for Readers Digest, and later decided that she wanted to become a teacher. She came to Guggenheim and got a job as a first grade teacher. After her many years of teaching, she decided to retire and spend more time with her two grandaughters. When asked why she is retiring, she replied, “Thirty years is too long.”


Mrs. Rosenwald has been a teacher at Guggenheim for twelve years. She is retiring because she thinks that the time is definitely right. She previously worked at Manorhaven School for one year as a fifth grade teacher. When asked what she will do after her retirement, she said, “Spend more time with my family, travel, and do whatever I want when I want to do it.” Mrs. Rosenwald has been a wonderful first and second grade teacher and these reporters will miss her dearly.

We are very sad that all of these wonderful teachers are retiring, and we will miss them very much. Hopefully, they will visit!

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