by Sydney

graphic by Kathryn

There are lots of yo-yos in Guggenheim School. They’re very popular right now for all ages. This reporter wanted to find out about the favorites. Almost everybody thinks that Raider is the best yo-yo. Evan D. and Jacob M. in Miss Sellers’ class like Raider. Raider is an automatic comeback that does lots of other tricks.

Angela M. and Jana L. in Miss Sellers’ class like X-Brain. It can’t do as many tricks as Raider, but it’s good.

Peter M. and Jacob M. like Fireball. It can also do many tricks, too. Alex L. from Mrs. Kratenstein’s class likes Firestorm. It can do all kinds of tricks.

As you can see, there are many yo-yos that students at Guggenheim like. You can see that just by walking in the halls and watching them use them all the time!

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