A Winter Music Fest
by Claire

Maestro, please! Mr. Feingold was interviewed about the Guggenheim band that is playing in the Winter Concert of 1999. The first thing this reporter asked him was when the concert would take place. He said that it is on January 27, 1999. “With all the new people entering the Guggenheim band, there will be about forty-two musicians playing,” he added. With thirty-five people in the band currently, it will grow very quickly up to sixty players by the end of the school year.

The Guggenheim band will be playing three songs in the performance. They are called, The Yorktown March, The Big Rock, and Themes From The H.M.S. Pinafore. When the group plays, Mr. Feingold will probably join in with them on the trumpet. When I interviewed Mr. Feingold, he told me that more and more musicians are playing the clarinet. He also said that we would have only one person playing the French horn-that person is Jumanah.
The Guggenheim orchestra and chorus will be contributing wonderful tunes, too. Before the concert, Eileen, from the orchestra, said, “The concert will be a success if we practice more.” She is absolutely right because this reporter plays in the Guggenheim orchestra, too. Emily, when asked if she thinks that the chorus will turn out great said, “When we only have to put 45 minutes of our time into the practice each week, it is great for everyone to listen to you at the concert.” The Guggenheim Winter Concert of 1999 will be a wonderful performance. When you read this, you will already have enjoyed it!

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