Once Upon a Time...
by Emily

photo by Greg

Do you love books? Do you enjoy great and possibly edible crafts? What about filmstrips? If you like all those things, this is the club for you. Here’s the scoop: on Wednesday, from 3:00 to 4:00 PM, the After School Literature Club is held for 2nd to 3rd grades. Some 4th grade Library Helpers come, too. It is the second year Mrs. Livanos has been holding the club.

Each week there’s a theme, such as adventure, curiosity, or they pick a country. They then start by listening to music, and students try to guess the theme or country. Mrs. Livanos reads 2 or 3 books aloud, preferably folk tales, and they end with a craft and/or a filmstrip. For example, one week when they studied Eskimos, they saw the filmstrip called Owl Moon, then they did a craft, which was marshmallow structures. They have studied tricksters, China, and many other things and places.

“I think it’s OK,” said Jessica L., referring to the Literature Club. Nick says, “It’s fun. We read good books.”

Schedule of Clubs

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