Find Your Interest In Guggenheim Clubs

by Jana and Rachel B.

photos by Greg

Fellow Guggenheimers, do you like clubs? If you do, you should check out what our school has to offer. These clubs are made to capture the interest of kids in Guggenheim. This article will introduce you to our wonderful clubs which are Leadership, Recreation, Art, Book, After School Literature Circle, Craft, Garden, Homework, Chess, Computer, and Newspaper.

Mrs. Sutarno is in charge of Leadership, which has the job of making the school better. Two people from each class, from first to fifth grade, meet each Wednesday to talk about and solve school problems. Sydney D., in Ms. Sellers’ class, says, “It’s fun to talk about things we are going to do for the school.”

Recreation features exciting, competitive sports such as kickball, bombardment, soccer and basketball. The activity that is most popular is bombardment. About thirty kids participate in these popular games. Recreation is led by Mr. Makover. In March, when Mr. Makover does coaching, Mrs. Vogeley will take over.

Mr. Makover, with Mrs. Miles, also leads Dance Club. The children like to do creative dances such as Foot Loose and Monster Mash.

Mrs. Illiano works with about eighteen students in the Art Club. They work with two kinds of paint, acrylic and oil. The goal of the Art Club is for each individual to be a better painter by the end of the year. Before painting, each student selects his/her own subject matter, creates a sketch in pencil and, after approval by Mrs. Illiano, the image is transferred to canvas. From September to December the fourth and fifth graders were in Art Club and in January the third graders joined.

Mrs. Grennan thinks that children should experience as much “good literature” as possible and that reading aloud to children will encourage their love for books. She started the Book Club, hoping that kids would learn and have lots of fun. There are sixty first graders in the Club, divided into groups for six week sessions each. The favorite book so far is Two Bad Ants by Van Allsburg.




Children in classes above first grade can follow their interest in reading by joining Mrs. Livanos in the After School Literature Circle. There is a theme or destination each week. The children listen to music, read folklore, watch filmstrips and make a craft based on the theme of the week. There are two sessions with twenty students in each. Read more about this club in another article in this issue.



The Craft Club is run by Mrs. Rafferty who has plans for the kids to do t-shirt painting, magnets and game creation during the Spring. She gets her ideas for projects from books, magazines and even t.v. shows. Mrs. Rafferty, once in a while, makes up crafts of her very own.


Two teachers lead the Garden Club. They are Mrs. Olsen and Mrs. Johnson. Their goal is to have the children learn about plants, insects and the school pond. About a dozen kids help to take care of the courtyard garden and school grounds. For those who want to help themselves, there is the Homework Club run by Mrs. Mulqueen. The goal is to help students plan their time efficiently, to be more organized and to be able to complete assignments for handing in the next day.

Three really challenging activities to get your brain working are the Chess Club led by Mr Conti, the Computer Club led by Mrs. Tiberia and the Newspaper led by Mrs. Mayer. The Chess Club members learn to work and play together while improving their thnking and playing skills. The Computer Club uses IBM Clones to go to the Internet and check out Web Pages. This article and the rest of the GuggenTimes is what the staff of about forty-four works on to write a school newspaper that all the children and adults at Guggenheim enjoy reading. The staff also does a web version. And they are working on the Guggenheim website, soon to be on the web.

So, all Guggenheimers, the choice is yours. Find your interest and go for it.


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