Totally Tolerance!
by Eileen

Guggenheim recently ran a tolerance campaign to teach students and teachers to treat people with kindness and respect. Mrs. Ajello ran this campaign. She decided to do this after there were some name calling and prejudice on the playground. She looked through lots of materials and did lots of research, then came up with a plan.

This reporter interviewed Mrs. Ajello. She stated, “Overall, it was a success. I am happy that the friendship quilts are being displayed around the town. But I think we have more work to do. It made an effect on some students, but not all.”

Some students had comments, as well. Sarah thought that the tolerance campaign worked out well and was educational. Both Samantha and Alyssa E. thought that it was “a nice experience.” Ricki and Allie P. had fun making the quilts. On the other hand, some students did not enjoy it.

All in all, the tolerance campaign had good goals, and hopefully all the students at Guggenheim are at least more aware of what it takes to be tolerant of others.

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