Bravo, Michelle!

by Sarah K.

photo by Sarah K.

Guggenheim has some really great connections! Our school was able to interview Michelle Kwan, an Olympic ice skater! Matt’s mom was kind enough to communicate our questions to Michelle Kwan and bring her replies back to us for all to read about. Here is the information from our interview:

Michelle Kwan was going to a skating rink when she was five years old to watch her brother play ice hockey. It looked like so much fun, Michelle Kwan decided to try skating. She was trained at Ice Castle. Michelle Kwan grew up in Torrance, California and moved to Lake Arrowhead, California when was ten. Michelle usually skates two times per day and also works out in a gym. When Michelle Kwan is in training for a competition, she can practice six to eight hours a day, sometimes adding a third lesson at night! Her coach for the Olympics is Frank Carrol. Michelle’s choreographer (the person that helps pick out the music to which she is going to skate and decides the moves she does) is Lori Nichol. Some people that she ice skated with as a child are also professional skaters, including Nicole Bobek. Michelle Kwan is a big fan of many ice skaters, including Brian Boitano, Peggy Fleming, and Dorothy Hamill.

Michelle Kwan says that she does not teach skating now, but one day would like to teach children.

Michelle Kwan will be doing a special presentation on February 27, 1999. It’s called Michelle Kwan Skates to 75 Years of Disney Music. It will on ABC on Saturday night. This interviewer is sure that all Guggenheim students will be eager to watch Michelle on TV!

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