by Henry

graphic by Allison B.

Do you know how Weber Middle School is different from Guggenheim? Fifth grade students will be starting to think about this soon. This reporter interviewed three sixth grade Guggenheim students who moved up last year. The information was very interesting. All of them said that Weber was very organized and walking from class to class made them feel more responsible. Nick M. said, “I like that the classes are 45 minutes each.” Nick, Bennett, and George said that they didn’t like that they have so many tests and homework from all the different classes. Bennett said, “I don’t like having lunch at 10:35 AM. It’s too early and I’m starving at 12:00.” The school lunches there (which was something this reporter really wanted to know about) are OK. This school has a buffet. In addition to that, they have fun food like french fries, churros, soda, chips, and donuts. There used to be slushes like cherry, blueberry, and lemon-lime. The school took it away because the students would have it in the morning. It is hoped the school gives it back!


In sixth grade, you have schedules for four different days: A1, A2, B1, and B2. An A1 day could be home base, math, science, music, lunch, band, language arts, social studies, gym, and Latin. The foreign languages are Latin, Spanish, and French. There is also ESL for students whose first language is not English. We have that here at Guggenheim, too. Bennett, Nick, and George all said, “The first week was hard because it was not easy to find your classes, but you find them the second week.” All classes start at 8:05 am, and if you’re late, it will show on your report card. The teachers let it go a little the first week.

From all the information this reporter got, he’s really looking forward to 6th grade at Weber!


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