Teletubbies Here To Stay

by Erin B. and Alissa P.


Teletubbies is a great T.V. show from England. It includes four little creatures that live in Teletubbie Land: Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-laa, and Po. They never fight and they always play together. We think teletubbies are great for all ages, but fifth graders, in particular, are going wild about Po. Kindergartners love them too. Books and toys are made about them. And all toy stores have them. They are a hit! Fifth graders even dress them up in little sweaters! These reviewers especially like Laa-laa and Po.

The show is very cute! It can be silly or serious, and the baby talk can get to be very silly. It has good scenery and every scene has bunnies. This show tries to keep children’s attention by repeating things over and over again. These reviewers’ sister and brother, respectively, watch them a lot. We don’t know what we would do without this T.V. show because it keeps them busy so they don’t annoy us!

Eileen says, “The teletubbies are sweet and adorable!” Megan thinks they are cute! And Eliana says, “They are my favorite show and my favorite teletubbie is Laa-laa.”

In our opinion, teletubbies are very cute and special to America, even though they’re from England. This is a great show for families everywhere. We encourage parents to watch it with their children!


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