Guggenheim Goes to the Stock Market!

by Jim

photo by Erin and Sarah N.


 When you think of the stock market, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Would it be the fifth grade P.E.P. core group? This reporter doesn’t think it would be! Yet it’s true-this year, the fifth grade P.E.P. core group is going to invest in the Stock Market via an online program which is sponsored by Newsday.

Before the group studied the stock market, it needed to learn about economic systems, including Communism, Capitalism, and Socialism. Playing this Stock Market Game isn’t like playing Monopoly. Teams have to choose different stocks to research and watch them every day, including graphing their gains and losses. Stocks to buy and sell are chosen by consensus. Each person on a team has a different job, and the jobs rotate every two weeks. The jobs are the Captain/Analyist, Order Clerk, Record Keeper, and Researcher. Team members must communicate well with each other.


If you are thinking, “Why are we letting kids trade on the stock market?” We’re not. We’re using 100,000 dollars in hypothetical money but we are “buying and selling” real stocks so we can experience what it’s really like. We are also doing some interactive things like making the transactions, or trades, using the computer.

The Stock Market game has been going on since 1977! Grades from 4 to 12 participate. We are using SMG2000, a web site that allows us to make trades over the Internet.

To research the stocks we are using the Standard & Poors web site. It can tell us a stock’s price, price to earnings ratio, and company descriptions. You might not know what price to earnings ratio is, but ask your parents if you don’t know. We also use Newsday and other newspapers. We make graphs and other heaps of information to bring into P.E.P.

By the time you read this newspaper we will be in the last weeks of the Stock Market Game. And we will take a trip to the New York Stock Exchange to see what it really looks like. By the time this unit of study is over, we will have learned a lot of adult information.

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