Around The World with Flat Stanley

by Jilly

photos by Jilly and Jordan


Is there a new student at Guggenheim? There seems to be and he is in both Mrs. Grennan’s AND Mrs. Rosenwald’s class! How can that be? His name is Flat Stanley. What is Flat Stanley? He started out as a book by Jeff Brown called Flat Stanley about a little boy who gets flattened by his blackboard. Then the story evolved into a project involving teachers and their classes all around the world. What the teachers do is send Flat Stanleys that their students made themselves to each other. Along with their Flat Stanleys, they send a journal which the children take home and fill in what Flat Stanley has been doing on his trip.


Mrs. Grennan’s class is also a part of the Flat Stanley project. The children in Mrs. Grennan’s class are sending their Flat Stanleys to their relatives. One of the students in Mrs. Grennan’s class, Allie, has relatives in Germany to whom she sent her Flat Stanley.



When this reporter interviewed these classes they all looked like they they were having a great time! So let’s all welcome our new student, Flat Stanley, to Guggenheim School!


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