Somewhere Over The Rainbow
by Samantha
graphic by Jordan

When you walk into school, what is the first thing you see? It’s the new paint job. Different colors pop up all over the school. If you want to know who selected the colors, it was Ms. Creash. At the beginning of the summer it was decided that there was enough money to paint the halls. Mrs. Hubbard wanted to paint the halls beige. Ms. Creash thought that beige was dull. So she thought that maybe the children would like bright colors. She thought of colors we would like. Mrs. Lichten helped. So they thought about yellow, blue, and green. They asked Mr. Vonderhorst, the Director of Maintenance, to buy the paint. Over the summer the painters came and painted each of the halls different colors. And when people came to visit during the summer, they liked the colors and Ms. Creash was happy.

People have different feelings about the paint colors. This reporter thinks that the colors are nice. Here are some things that other students said: Jim P. doesn’t like the light green in the back corridor. Eileen likes most of the paint job. Chesleigh likes all of the paint job. Tiffany likes all the colors except for the yellow hall.

Last year the the classrooms were painted different colors, too. Some of the halls are the same colors as the classrooms, but the combinations of the colors in the hall make it very bright. Now the halls look very lively and, hopefully, they won’t get as dirty as before!

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