Guess Who’s New?

by Samantha and Eileen

photos by Jim


We all know that Mrs. Rosado, Mrs. Davis, Miss Mancini, and Mr. Onody left Guggenheim in June and we needed new classroom teachers for this year. We wanted to find new teachers that were just as great as our former teachers. So, we found Ms. Dengler to take Mrs. Rosado’s place, and Ms. Minsky and Ms. Murphy to teach fifth grade. Also, we have Mrs. Kanterman, Mr. Martin, and Mrs. Drucker. They are all wonderful teachers. These reporters interviewed these six new teachers.

Ms. Dengler taught for two years in New Jersey. She grew up in Hauppauge. She always wanted to be a teacher. The way she got to Guggenheim was that she heard very good things about it. Ms. Dengler loves Guggenheim.



Mrs. Kanterman was a student teacher in Mrs. Martin’s classroom last year. She grew up in Smithtown. She loves Guggenheim, too.



Mr. Martin is a new second grade classroom teacher but he worked previously in other schools. He grew up in Amityville. He knew that he wanted to be a teacher when he was in high school. Before that he wanted to be a musician. He was interviewed by Ms. Creash and he knew that this was a fantastic school district so he sent in his resume. He loves Guggenheim. He said, “Second grade is an extremely exciting grade.” He doesn’t think a teacher could ask for better colleagues.

Mrs. Drucker worked for three years in California and one year in Hewlett. She grew up in Syosset. She wanted to be a teacher ever since she was in college. Her friend that works at Hofstra recommended Port Washington to her. Mrs. Drucker likes Guggenheim very much.


Ms. Minsky taught in Lawrence. She grew up in Cedarhurst. She didn’t always want to be a teacher. She wanted to be an actress. Ms. Minsky got to Guggenheim by looking for new schools in which to work. Ms. Minsky loves Guggenheim because, “there are great teachers, great administration, great parents, and the best kids in the world!”


Ms. Murphy is a new teacher at Guggenheim but not a new teacher in general. She taught in Westchester. Ms. Murphy grew up in Stonybrook, N.Y. Ms. Murphy didn’t always want to be a teacher. She wanted to first be in advertising communications. There were friends of Ms. Murphy’s in the neighborhood that pointed out the Port Washington School District. This new 5th grade teacher likes Guggenheim.


So there you have it. These six classroom teachers are all wonderful and you probably wanted to find out more about them, and from reading this article, we think you have. We welcome them all!


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